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Testing Best Workout Radio High Quality Stream

So I was driving today all around Los Angeles while I was tuned into our internet radio stream testing all the different cities. Sort of proof that it is the best workout music is that I MIGHT have been driving a little TOO fast… Okay… A LOT too fast… the music was getting into my bones a little bit… Sure enough… a few moments later I get pulled over. For those of you native to Los Angeles it was around where the 101 intersects with the 405… and i sort of had that Mighty Ducks / Emilio Estevez moment where the police officer comes up to the window and asks me to turn the radio down. I did lightly but you could still hear it in the background… and he starts going through his whole speech and just normal music was playing… then in the middle of his speech… he recognized the voice of the Navy Seal Commander talking over the music… and he asked… is that Commander (Name Redacted)… and I sad yes it was… and he asked me what I was doing… and I told him I was just amp’d up because I was listening to this song and I’m trying out this new Transformative style of music where we combine motivational quotes with different types of music and create a 100% unique live motivational experiences from our studio straight to you. This will help you push through those hard workouts… and the policeman asked, “So Wait… this is free?” And I said yes… just go to and you can tune into this channel for free… and he tried it and looked at me and said, wow thanks… Have a nice day… So we were able to take our workout music, bring value to his life and in exchange… he let us off with a warning and we gained a listener… It was a WIN WIN situation.

Bradley Murphree

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