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The best rock music to listen to while working out

What is the best rock music

The best rock music is a subjective question, with no real answer as to what is most universally beloved. Everyone seems to have a different opinion when it comes to what is the best rock music.

The term ‘rock,’ as it is used to describe music, is a genre which incorporates a range of styles, including classic rock, country rock, folk rock, garage rock, hard rock, progressive rock, punk, and more. Some of the rock music that is thought of as being the “best” is determined by the success of an artist's recordings, concert revenues, and the impact that an artist has had on the scene and sound of the genre.

When it comes to classic rock, some of the shining stars can definitely be thought of as the best rock music. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who have become iconic figures of the genre, with classic songs like Stairway to Heaven, Satisfaction, and Who Are You. Led Zeppelin’s moving ballads and in-your-face rock anthems have earned them millions of fans, and their huge arena shows were filled with the energy and enthusiasm of a generation. The Rolling Stones produced one of the greatest rock anthems ever in Satisfaction, and The Who consistently showcased an unrivaled energy which made them one of the greatest live bands in the world.

When it comes to hard rock and metal, bands such as AC/DC, Metallica, and Black Sabbath are often thought as being some of the best. AC/DC’s catalog of no-nonsense hard rock has earned them legions of fans, while Metallica’s landmark albums and their progressive approach to the genre has resulted in their being both critically and commercially successful. Black Sabbath’s influence on heavy metal cannot be understated, and their dark, Doom-laden sound remains a major influence on the genre.

Punk fans will often cite The Ramones as the best of the genre. The Ramones’ three chord rallying cry’s put into motion the simplistic “loud fast rules” ethos of the genre, and their records remain a cornerstone punk albums to this day.

In the realm of garage and alternative rock, not many bands can hold a candle to The Pixies. Pioneers of the era, The Pixies helped to popularize grunge and set the scene for bands such good workouts. We love Rage Against The Machine for all our workout music mixes.

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