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So... I know... we are the best fitness music app around... but... today I want to talk to people about something a little different. What's with all the captain poopy pants people on the internet? Today in one of my facebook groups, a woman who came on and posted looking for help... she was self admittedly obese and wanted to do a triathlon. I too once was fat. As a matter of fact, I've been fat several times... I have had to lose 25-40 lbs several times.... can't NOT eat mom's cooking at Christmas!?!?!? RIGHT? So I know that grind. So I took out all my supplements... or my gainz train as I like to call it... Here it is in written form.


  1. Orgain ENERGY pre workout - This pre workout is made with all organic ingredients, Blueberry, lemon juice, stevia, sea salt, monk fruit, ... It feels great in the morning to push me to new heights and helps me get up and moving in the morning.

  2. Now Sports - BCAA's - Branch Chain Amino Acids - Basically they are Leucine, Isoleucine and valine. They can't be produced by your body, so you need to ingest them with food. These have been shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness. Now Sports Nutrition recommend 4 pills at this time.

<< THIS IS WHERE YOU WORKOUT.... HOPEFULLY WHILE LISTENING TO MURPH WORKOUT RADIO FOR ADDED MUSCLE BUILDING, Run, Weight lifting, biking, swimming, crossfit, ballet, football, hockey, tennis, whatever brings your life joy really >>

So now we are done listening to the best workout music and while working out.... and need to replenish our muscles with nutrients and protein.

3. Orgain - Sport Chocolate Protein - Love this protein... mixed with 22 oz of water (plus the ingredients below) you can actually get it to taste like a chocolate shake a little bit... I mean not like an unhealthy chocolate malt from a legit 60's diner... but like the unhealthy chocolate malt's slightly not as attractive stunt double but you can't see his or her face during the movie so you only slightly notice...

- Mix into that same shaker cup

- Nutricost L-Glutamine - 1 X 5G scoop -

- Orgain Sport Recovery - Lemonade - Okay I have NO idea... ZERO... who named the flavor of this over at the Orgain Factory but they were drunk and high on the job. This supplement doesn't taste anything like LEMONADE... Zero... No idea what happened there.... okay I'm done beating up ORGAIN about the absolute TERRIBLE naming of the flavor for this product... BUT... I am going to tell you it comes with Electrolytes to re-fuel your muscles after a workout, Apple Cider Vinegar which helps you continue to burn fat, Lemon juice, Stevia, along with... and here's the REAL KICKER... Turmeric - which helps your muscles not be sore tomorrow, Ginger - which aids even further into weight loss, Reishi Mushrooms - This one is new to me... I have to google it but don't have time before my next meeting so if you made it this far, you now have homework to do... go google that and read up on it... Ashwagandha - This is a de-stresser and also helps your hair grow into long flowing hair like aquaman. If it's something I think we can all agree on, it's that we all want to look a little bit more like aqua man... especially that scene where he's getting into the ocean in the justice league....

Like... I'm not gay... but I know when a Lamborghini pulls up... That's a good looking dude.. but I've digressed... maybe just a little too far... past the hairy cusp of uncomfortable for most... which I must state, wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't pushing the limits...

Okay so now you go take a shower, get ready for work, day dreaming about how you wish it was the weekend so you could go kill some more workouts...

About two hours into your day... take a 15 minute break and go grab another Orgain Sport Protein... try to get in some sort of protein throughout the day every 2 hours or so... 1.5 maybe if you want to be in hyper drive. Eggs, Ham, organic beef, some soft of vegan alternative as long as it doesn't have soy in it...

You should be hitting your weight in lbs... in grams of protein.

for example

200 lbs person = 200g of protein per day

100 lbs person = 100g of protein per day

You should also focus on getting in enough carbohydrates and fats.

High performance athletes - Carbs should be at like 1 or 1.5g per lbs of body weight while fats should be at around 0.5

Trying to lose weight - Try to reduce carbohydrates and pump up healthy fats.

So things like sweet potato fries cooked in avacado oil - AMAZING alternative. Starchy carbohydrates vs sugary carbohydrates.

4. Then sometime before bed or your last protein shake of the day take another 4 pills of BCAAs per Now Sports Nutrition recommendation on the bottle.

I've been doing this and I've seen GAINZ... EVERY... SINGLE.... WEEK... Since doing it. It's awesome to see so much development.

So stay positive... change takes time... make sure to be feeding your body the right fuel... and getting some extra motivation from the best fitness music in the industry is always good too!

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