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What Makes Murph Workout Radio The Best Workout Music

Well that's simple... the answer is proprietary motivation. We take the time to thoroughly QC our workout music each and every day. Typically we start with a banging workout song to put into our cue. We then take a motivation quote or see what fits where and let our specialized AI engine figure out what is going to be more motivational than anything else. To get the workout music flowing, it takes a lot. We should take a survey of what workout music everyone prefers. We have some specialized workout music that allows for a performance increase of up to 30%. People don't realize how significant that increase really is, but it's pretty awesome. When you find the right workout music to be in the grind and that moves with you, that is amazing. It's really a great free workout. It motivates you to keep pushing your body past it's limits and beyond. Typically your mind is what is slowing you down and we just need to turn the knob up a little bit on what you originally thought was hard. Murph Workout Radio makes that process a little easier on the soul. People often underestimate what a 30% increase in performance means to achieve everyday. It really is amazing because it's not just a single day... it's everyday that you choose to listen in... If you choose to listen in to our radio station it will change your life day. The main reason Murph Workout Radio can be attributed to being the best workout music is because it allows you to train your mind at the same time as training your body. It's for the time crunched athlete to make sure he is able to fit everything in. It's tough sometimes as an athlete to be able to get everything in. You've got work and family commitments, to wanting to go out and have fun with friends and your friends need to be into working out and you have to sort of decide how to spend your twenty four hours. What percentage of that can anyone really dictate to working out? We would like to think as much as possible but that's not always the case. people sometimes don't like to do that or it's been a stressful day at work. Typically working out has a really great stress relief benefit and there's nothing like turning on a little Murph Workout Radio in the headphones, cranking the volume, zoning out and bringing the best workout music to life. There's literally nothing like it. People don't always fully understand that gentle sweet release of endorphins when the right music hits you at the right time. It's really tough to describe. The way that we incorporate the motivation into the music is second to none. We literally have so much to offer everyone and the world. Our Workout Radio App is the best there will ever be and ever will be.

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