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What the Hell is Cosmonaut?

So you might have clicked the icon with the red space helmet on it and thought, “Murph has finally lost it”. If you are an Apple user and you have downloaded the Murph Workout Radio app, then you probably know what we’re talking about.

Cosmonaut is a new choice for anyone looking for live commercial-free streaming radio that is seemingly from another planet. Murph scoured the globe to find out what the kids are listening to in Russia, and the early seeds of Cosmonaut were planted.

Why Russia? Why not?? A massive country with eclectic tastes… home of some of the best kettle bell workouts around… why not Russia?? So away he went. After many hard days of triathlon training, Murph transported himself to the best VIP areas that Moscow had to offer and cued his Shazam app to capture the moments.

Now we’ve all been there right? You had that crazy night that took you from one club to the next. Early regrets turning into late-night “who cares”…. Yes, you’ve had that night at least once, where the venue changed three times, you found yourself in some strange entryway of an underground afterhours club, and before the sun could rise again, you made your way safely back to your hotel. That night. And maybe as you walked past the Fitness Center on the way to the elevator, you had those two simultaneously feelings…. Guilt and Inspiration. Guilt because you promised yourself you wouldn’t skip leg day again this week. And Inspiration because you know you still have enough juice in the tank to Just Do It!

So if you know that night…. And if you made the choice afterward to step into that empty hotel gym and let the fitness music move you into action… the buzz of fluorescent lighting mixing in with the semi-foreign beat of the exercise music playing in the background… then you, Comrade, are ready for Cosmonaut.

The Cosmonaut stream within the latest version of the Apple Murph Workout Radio app, is filled with the most interesting workout songs pulsing from the other side of the globe. So be sure you approach this radio stream with an open mind and a care-free attitude. You’ll fit right in.

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