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What to do about the COVID blues… (Part 2 of 3)

We’re fresh into 2021 and much of our fitness family around America (and the globe, really) is still in disbelief. “How can we still be in quarantine after all this time?? When is my gym gonna open up? Am I really supposed to trail run with a mask on??? And how is there a shortage on free weights??? Two bucks a pound??? Are you kidding me???”

Yeah! Ok. So last time, we talked about the first step to dealing with the COVID blues. By now, you’ve found some solutions to dealing with your children and have rearranged your daily routine. Right? Hello? You actually did all those things right? No. You don’t even have kids? OK, no worries. Maybe this next step is more up your alley.

Step 2 – Buy a big dog… purchase when it’s still a puppy. Yeah, you really want to rock your world, get your fitness in line, and shake those COVID blues? Buy an adorable puppy….. An adorable puppy that will grow up to be a St. Bernard… or a Mastiff… or a Great Dane… or anything BIG, really.

No room for that? Your yard is already littered with fitness equipment? Your home gym is off limits to puppy pee? OK, so maybe we scale the dog down a bit to say, a Rottweiler or something. But here’s the point. When you take on a dog, you get a number of benefits like these:

1- Forces you to keep a set schedule. Sure, the puppy phase is a bit of chaos at first. But in the end, it teaches you to have incredible diligence to keeping a regular schedule. Not just for eating and using the bathroom…. You’ll find your fitness routine and your life begin to work on a much better clock. This is important for good living and great mental health.

2- Need regular exercise. Dogs HAVE to exercise. Think I’m wrong? See what happens if you keep one cooped up indoors too long. Believe me, these guys have to get out. If you’re having a hard time with early morning or late afternoon walks in sometimes challenging weather, that’s where Murph comes in. When you’re lacking the proper disciple, Murph Workout Radio offers a ton of musical choices to get you motivated and moving. I strongly recommend the Good Vibes channel if you’re feeling extra cranky or lazy. The fitness music choices there are sure to put anybody in a good mood and be the necessary motivational music to get your daily puppy fitness challenge kicked off.

3- Great stress reliever. Let’s face it… puppies are cute and cuddly! That’s good enough to clear away anybody’s COVID blues. And when they grow into an adult dog, you’ll see that little troublemaker has grown into your best friend.

So that’s it for Part 2 of this 3 part blog. We covered selling your kids and buying a puppy. Be sure to check back for Step 3: “Push Your Car Into an Active Volcano”.

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