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What to do about the COVID blues… (Part 3 of 3)

We’re fresh into 2021 and much of our fitness family around America (and the globe, really) is still in disbelief. “How can we still be in quarantine after all this time?? When is my gym gonna open up? How do I take care of my personal fitness and find the motivation to get through the day-to-day?

Yeah! Ok. It’s been a little tough. So if you’re one of our radio listeners who is bouncing off the walls and suffering from the COVID-19 blues, then here is the final tip in this 3-part series that might help you out.

Step 3 - Push Your Car into an Active Volcano. Yeah. You heard me. Get rid of that car! Use the insurance money for new fitness equipment! Free weights are expensive these days.

Not willing to go the extra mile and make this happen? Not ready to commit insurance fraud for the sake of your fitness goals? Well, ok. That’s fine. Let’s modify this exercise just a bit.

Drive your car to the desert and set it on fire. Still too extreme? OK, ok….. let’s just PRETEND. Can we at least pretend?!?! Geeez…. Take your keys, package them into a small box, and mail them to your mother. That’s right. Grab the spare and make sure that one’s in there too. The farther away she lives from you, the better. It will force you to NOT use your car for awhile. And when you eventually need those keys back, you know that they’re safe with mom. (By the way, if your mother lives with you, or if you live with your mother, stop reading now. You’ve probably got bigger problems than this article is ever gonna solve. Just sayin’!) So here are the benefits of parking your car semi-permanently:

1- More walking! Whether it’s walking to a bus stop, walking to a train station, or just walking to your destination, NOT using a car is great motivation to get moving. And if you need some motivational fitness music for your journey, be sue to tune into Murph Workout Radio on Google, apple, or the web. Murph has plenty of motivational music to get those feet going and keep them in motion. You’ll burn more calories and shed those uselss pounds. You’re welcome.

2- More creativity. When you don’t have a car, you have to work your brain more. “I want a bookshelf from IKEA. How do I get it home?” Boom! Your mind goes to work. Which is great, because these medium-scale, non-life-threatening problems are fairly easy to solve and improves your overall outlook. You’re now a problem-solver! A doer! An achiever! Look at you!

3- More money in your pocket. That’s right. No gas money, no maintenance expenses. Depending on how far you take this exercise, possibly no car payment, registration renewals or insurance payments! When you add that stuff up, it’s a lot! So now, that excuse for not purchasing the gym membership doesn’t hold up so well. If your gym is closed still, how about building your home gym? Now you’ve got the extra coin to make that happen. And if you can fit exercise into your routine with the new cash you’ve found, then you’ll want to fit radio into your routine too!

Let’s face it, podcasts, playlists, and FM radio are all great. But if you’re working out, your gym radio choices should be focused on helping your workout performance. There’ve been a ton of studies on this, proving that music helps fitness performance. But only Murph Workout radio fuses that special combination of performance-driven music with ultra-inspirational motivational quotes. Together, with your fancy new equipment from all that car money you saved, Murph Workout Radio makes this a winning combination.

So that’s it! This concludes our 3 part series. To recap, all you need to do to fight the COVID blues is to step up your fitness routine and combine Murph Workout Radio into the mix. You’re going to achieve this by getting rid of your kids, buying a dog, and destroying your car. Boom, boom, boom! (Or for those of you from Texas…. All right, all right, all right…) New year, new you! So, go get ‘em, Tiger!

*Disclaimer – If you take any of the advice from this series literally, it’s on you. You should definitely be locked up. Do not bother to sue us. We’re a radio station… online…. So, clearly we’re broke. Have a fit day!

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