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Who are we serving?

Our time is the most valuable resource we have and where we put energy and effort is the most important decision that we are going to ever overcome. What we decide to spend our effort and energy doing is it... We have decided to make that effort and put attention on trying to benefit as many people's lives as possible by producing the best internet workout radio station with the best exercise music and workout music known to man. We delivered the best workout music and exercise music known to man on two apps and we aren't done yet. We are continuing to drive on and continuing the broadcast on our workout radio station. People just need to tune in and it's like taking four scoops of pre-workout but probably healthier for you. You can build your base fitness levels and gain a lot of motivation all at the same time by having motivational quotes mixed into the music. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you're thinking about our workout music or if you have other exercise music that you would like us to play we do take song requests because we decided we aren't going to be a sterile workout radio app... we are an alive... and breathing entity just like everything else... No algorithms... no computers... we want that human element brought to our workout radio station... who else takes song requests over the air? Spotify? Pandora? Nah... they leave you with a sterile music playlist that's not alive and that's why we are the best workout radio station known to man.

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