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Why Fit Radio Truly Sucks

So today we're going to talk about our competitor... FitRadio. We disagree with their premise... They aren't the best workout music radio station. That's Murph Workout Radio clearly. Their workout playists aren't that great either. We tried them for a little while but decided maybe it was time for us to go for the gold and start our own thing!


FITRADIO is an audio streaming service and mobile app that allows users to access a library of workout-focused music. On the surface, FITRADIO appears to be a great fitness companion. Unfortunately, when it comes to music streaming, FITRADIO falls short in several areas and that is why it truly sucks.

Performance Issues

FITRADIO’s main issue is its performance. Constant outages and hard-to-use interface makes it hard to enjoy the service. The app also has a high rate of crashed, which results in having to restart the app or your phone constantly. Due to these performance issues, the user experience is poor and can lead to a feeling of frustration.

Limited Music Library

FITRADIO’s library of workout-focused music is quite limited compared to other streaming services. Some popular artists are missing and the list of genres that are available is limited. Moreover, the list of songs for each genre is not as extensive, so if you are looking for variety then FITRADIO probably won’t meet your needs.

High Price

At $9.99 per month, FITRADIO is one of the most expensive music streaming services on the market. That’s way higher than the price of services like Spotify and Apple Music, which offer more variety and a better user experience.


FITRADIO may seem like a great fitness companion, but it fails to deliver in several areas. Its performance is poor, its library is limited, and its price is too high. When compared to other streaming services, FITRADIO falls short and that is why it truly sucks.

So this is why FITRADIO simply falls short. Murph Workout Radio remains the best workout music available. Murph Workout Radio Playlists are superior in every way.


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