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Drop us a line! We take song requests

So we are finally finished with the second release of our workout music app which self admittedly is the best workout music ever. We have harnessed the power of inspirational quotes to help trigger that next level of gears in your fitness routine. I mean some of the updates that you can expect are going to be awesome. It’s currently under review by the Apple App team. So we are doing everything we can to bring you the best workout music as fast as we can but there is just only so much we can do! So just please sit patiently and we promise that your fitness won’t suffer too much in the next couple of days… our hope is we are shooting for the end of the week. Until then you can still listen to the free internet radio streams on … so we still have that going for us. This app is SOO much better than the first version! We’re all super excited about it!

So what motivates you? How to you achieve music motivation? Let us know. Drop us a line. We are always in the mood to hear from our clients and potential clients on how we can increase our value add to their lives. It’s our level of continuous pursuit to be and remain the best workout music ever that allows us to bring you this free internet radio station which brings all the motivation.

Drop us a line, Say hi, give us a song request! We want to hear from you!

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