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So today i was reminded that not only do we run the most successful workout music radio station ever but we also workout HARD! Today’s workout was called FAT BURN CITY! So it’s goal is to keep up high intensity exercise utilizing zero weight or equipment… 100% straight fat burn by switching up the muscle groups, it allows a high intensity workout on the heart for extended periods of time while giving the individual muscle groups time to relax. I turned out Murph Workout Radio so I could have the best workout music to accompany me in my workout. Today I tuned into the Running workout channel on Murph Workout Radio. I then proceeded to do the following.

First I downloaded an interval timer app. I used Flex Timer because it’s free and they make really great timing clocks that go with their apps… you can use the app in stand alone mode but honestly the clock helped me keep my motivation up and is worth the buy.

I set up the timer to do the following… 30 second work interval followed by a 10 second rest interval so I had enough time to transition to the next exercise.

1. Running in place as hard as you can (This is legs, abs, back, chest, swing your arms as hard and as fast as you can)

2. Push ups (try to shoot for 25 push ups per 30 second round)

3. Flutter Kick Bicycles (Try to shoot for 25 push ups per 30 second round… if you don’t know what this is, imagine flutter kicks on the bottom half, bicycles on the top half… straighten your legs and without hitting the ground move them up and down on opposite sides… put your hands behind your head… and bring opposite knee to opposite elbow.

4. Jump Squats (it’s like a regular squat… except you jump on the top. To help protect your knees… try to land on your toes and quiet like a cat… if you’re quiet… it’s because you landed on your toes and absorbed the shock with your calves)

5. 30 Second Rest

Time on Objective = 30 Min.

Level of day commitment = 1/48th of your day

What’s your excuse? Do you have a reason why you can’t give 1/48th of your day away to this purpose? Didn’t think so.

So why is this so effective at burning fat? It’s constantly switching muscle groups which allows you to hit that higher intensity in your workout… it keeps your heart moving at that intensity while giving your muscle groups rest… This sends your heart into a state of shock and then your heart start sending out for more energy for the next 24-36 hours even while your sleeping… so yes, if you feel your heart become uncomfortable or that burning sensation… that’s a good thing… You will be burning fat while you sleep. By the time it’s done with it’s fat burning cycle, it will have burned 6-9 times more fat than if you just went on a run. Likewise you can double your fat burn by eating a grapefruit within 45 minutes of your workout. This effectively takes your workout from 6-9 times to 12-18 times the original fat burn… you can begin to see why people praise High Intensity Workouts so much… It’s because our bodies are built to favor those types of workout. So turn on some of our best workout music by logging onto our website to hear our workout radio or you can download our workout radio app to gain unlimited access to the workout music to help motivate you in your fitness journey. Motivation is key to get a good workout. There is no substitute for amazing workout music. There just isn’t… Your brain is set up to understand music before anything else. I forget the authors name now but he wrote a book called This Is Your Brain on Music and it basically goes into great detail about how your brain understands music above and beyond anything else. The best workout music has the ability to motivate you for an additional 38-45% studies have found. So try out our workout radio station for free of our internet radio website and IF you like it, check out our Workout Music app. We have additional features and we are constantly adding new and additional workout music.

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So I know you all expect us to sit by and just let you listen to all the amazing fitness music that we produce for you. Outside of being the best workout music on the market and the one exercise music


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The Formula Is Simple!


It’s a simple equation.

Take the best music from the most popular artists you know and love.

Add in motivational quotes from the top motivational speakers on the planet.

Complete the combo by doing your favorite exercise or workout activity while you listen live.

This is Murph Workout Radio…. The magic formula to transform your life!


·       Live Workout Radio features multiple choices of music style or theme.

·       Custom pre-set fitness playlists allow you to enjoy your exercise music “Off the Grid”.

·       Motivational fitness music is hand-crafted by DJ’s who work out just like you.

·       Scientifically proven to reduce fatigue and improve overall performance.


Does your gym music suck?  Are you trying to fit radio into your workout routine but the music just doesn’t keep the right tempo for you?  Your training partner, Murph, is here to help!  If you want the best gym radio, then songs alone won’t cut it by themselves.  You’ve got to infuse your hit music with the best motivational quotes to pour some inspirational gasoline on your inner fitness fire!

Murph Workout radio offers a wide selection of commercial-free listening as well specialized channels available exclusively to app subscribers on both Apple App Store and Google Play. 

All your favorite music is here from the genres you love: Rock, Pop, Dance, EDM, Latin, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and more!  Theme based channels capture your activity or mood like: Running, Yoga, Good Vibes, Girl Power, and many more.

The Murph Workout Radio app has even more features, including an Off The Grid mode that allows you to listen to hours of the best motivational workout music without the need for a cell or wifi signal!  Perfect for all your fitness activities, whether you’re in the gym or outside:

-          Running

-          Jogging

-          HIIT

-          Interval training

-          Sprints

-          Strength Training

-          Zumba

-          Dance

-          Cycling

-          Aerobics

-          Cardio

-          Crossfit

-          Boxing

-          Kickboxing

-          MMA

-          Military calisthenics

-          Weight lifting

-          Jump rope

-          Martial Arts

-          Skiing

-          Kayaking

-          Hiking

-          Trail Running

-          Body Weight exercise

-          Parkour

-          Free Running

-          Skateboarding

-          Or even just sitting in your chair.  (Although we recommend some tricep dips while you’re there.)

We are constantly adding new content as well as one-of-a-kind original motivational music mixes just for you.  If you’ve hit a plateau in your routine or you’re sick of a bad song coming on, just when you are maxing out your power reps, then Murph Workout Radio is here for you.  The best fitness music! The best fitness motivation!  All the exercise music you could ever hope for!  Hours and hours of content on every live music radio stream, makes sure you’re not hearing the same song on repeat, over and over again!  What more could you want?  Read to shift into gear 6?  Push the button… let’s go!