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Workout Music GALORE

So a lot of you know us as the best workout music and exercise music known to man. I get it. This week we are releasing a new station called Club Leo. He is the fitness model contest winner here at Murph Workout Radio. We are excited to have him and we are doing great. He is a 37 year old personal trainer from Miami Florida who loves to listen to our workout music. It's funny because the best workout music is this weird un-explainable thing. Exercise music always varies slightly from one person to another. We are in the process of re-vamping all of our workout music to being the best, brightest, and most awesome each and every day and we are excited to have you all take the journey with us. We love helping people with their fitness and if we can provide that little bit of extra spark... just that extra few reps day in and day out. Well eventually all those days turn into weeks and all those weeks turn into months and then BAM before you know it... 6 pack central and all the girls and guys will be looking at you like your are king of the beach! That's what we are here for. There's also helping people realize their true potential but that's a secondary mission to 6 packs on the beach during summer time. So we are excited to invite club leo to the family. We are excited to get things moving with more workout music than you could ever possibly imagine. Keep driving on... keep listening to the best workout music known to man which is oddly us, Murph Workout Radio and we promise that we will keep providing the best exercise music and less blogs just slamming with key word central so that you could hit more six pack city territory.

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