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Healthy Pizza...

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Healthy Pizza… I know… I know… Half of you have already written me off because someone has convinced you that healthy pizza doesn’t exist… Well it does… Then the skeptics immediately jump to something like “well it can’t possibly be as good” and they would be wrong again… So let’s forget about for a second that we provide the best workout music and internet radio station to assist you on your fitness journey for a second… We are, at heart, engineers… Not only can we program the best workout music for your fitness and distribute that signal all over the world… BUT… we can also cook a MEAN HEALTHY PIZZA… :) Here’s how we engineered it… ;)

So let’s start off by stating some engineering and project management facts. First, The type of food you like doesn’t make it unhealthy… it’s the ingredients… in which case, anywhere there is an unhealthy ingredient, it usually has a slightly more expensive stunt double that either is just as good or better.


The ingredients also don’t have to detract from the taste… IT’S THE JOB OF THE CHEF TO MAKE IT TASTE JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER. The good news is, we’ve engineered it already and so 90% of the Chef’s job is already done… you just have to not screw it up. So let’s get started.


Sprouted Grain pizza crust

Organic Pizza Sauce

Raw Cheese (unpasteurized milk Cheese)

Whatever Healthy Toppings you want. (Tomatoes, pineapple (debate is still alive), red / green peppers)

Optional Spices (Cayenne if you want it spicy.

And that’s pretty much it… The to big key to this one is the sprouted grain “flourless” pizza crust. There are several companies that are starting to hop on board. The unhealthy element in most bread is the flour. It’s basically horrible for you. That however is a whole other different article and if you’re like me, you hate reading unnecessary stories and tangents. So I will cut it off there. The Sprouted grain bread from Flax Max or Ezekial Bread or “Other” company will more than likely work as long as it’s flourless. Usually these types of breads are a little dry compared to their main action double… but that just means you get to put on additional sauce to cover the dryness… and when the sauce sinks into the dry bread and then you cook it… it actually turns out better because the correct proportion and distribution ratios of sauce to bread becomes easier to achieve and when you do… WOW it’s delicious.

Organic Pizza Sauce - You can either make your own using tomatoes

6 oz Organic tomato paste (1 -6 oz can)

15 oz Organic tomato sauce

(1 - 15 oz can)

1-2 TBS oregano to taste

2 TBS Italian seasoning

½ tsp garlic powder

½ tsp onion powder

½ TBS garlic salt

¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp coconut sugar OR Stevia to taste

Raw un-pasterized cheese - HUGE health benefits for you. Super delicious as well.

That’s it pretty much. Go nuts with it.

Also Remember when reviewing the labels of ingredients before you make your pizza… If there is an ingredient that sounds like it could be the chemical in a ninja turtles movie that turns regular turtles into giant mutant ninja turtles… chances are that chemical only is good for turtles and will have an opposite effect on you.

Okay… too much writing I got to get back to my Music, Back to my workout, back to my fitness journey, and back to my internet radio station where we play the best workout music ever made.

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