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New App Release

EVERYONE! I NEED YOU TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LISTEN!!!!! Instead of Screaming CANON BALL… I’m going to have to stop you right there and tell you that we have our iPhone app all programmed and it was submitted for review yesterday. The Apple Development team has been a pleasure to work with and we are excited about launching our iPhone app. We have had SO many requests for the app… apparently there are just a few people who have iPhones out there and enjoy taking their workout to the next level. We love that our fitness community and music lovers are able to come together and provide you with the best fitness workout radio on the market. Right now we have been operating as an internet radio company trying to get people to exercise during the quarantine and everything has been exploding. Our internet radio and online music platform is just constantly growing… we have about 36 hours of original content… However, We felt that radio streaming and free music online was a great start… we are taking this to a whole other level and including a new music app. We are going to be including a ton of new channels to fuel your new workout music discovery. We are feeling very blessed… we have heard several time lines from different groups as to when this will be made available and honestly, we have no idea when the actual release date is going to happen however we are committed to keeping the radio streaming for workout, exercise and fitness fanatics free on the website. We’ve heard nothing but positive comments about how a bunch of you all love our internet radio station designated for exercise. :) I’ll be sure to keep you updated through our blog posts, instagram, facebook, twitter, and our internet radio and streaming service as to when the apple iPhone App will be released! We are beyond excited about the future of this whole thing!

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