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The Perfect Meal

So today as we were playing the best free workout music over our internet radio channel, we were challenged by a listener to create the perfect meal. So if you’re looking to build muscle and lose weight… here is what we consider to be the perfect meal.

It’s a spinach chicken salad.

So put it all in a big bowl and eat it all week

1 lbs of spinach = Base nutrients plus helps VO2 MAX

1 lbs of organic Chicken Strips = Soft texture plus protein

Walnuts (add depending on your taste) = Crunchy plus helps improve VO2 MAX

Organic Dried Cranberries to taste = The sweetness

Organic Olive Oil = Wet texture

You can also add blueberries or tomatoes etc. Just make sure they are organic and good for you.

Apples are also a nice addition.

That’s it… I’m going to try to refine the recipe a little later today and I’ll let you know how it goes… until then I’ll keep broadcasting all the workout music and fitness motivation for you all. I promise that won’t ever stop. We will be doing that well into whenever!!! That currently is our main form of business so we are happily broadcasting the best free workout music and workout radio known to the planet.

Fitness Motivation is our passion.

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