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Working Out While Traveling

Graham here…. Staring at another set of orange carpet in another Courtyard Marriott in another small town. Yep, it’s amazing how much orange-colored flooring the Marriott corp must’ve purchased over the years. How many stadiums would it fill, I wonder? Anyway… Welcome to Medford, OR. Medford is just a bit north of the California border. Not much going on here, but they do have an airport and, like anywhere, there is business to be done. I’m here for work, doing sales trainings for a few car dealerships on my roster. After a four and a half hour drive down here last night, I’m a bit beat.

Then I’m reminded of the commitment I made to myself. (No, I’m not calling it a New Year’s Resolution. That would make it too easy to quit.) I read an article about some chick that did 50 burpees a day for 30 days. My three big take-aways from the article?

1- Burpees suck. No one likes them. Those that pretend to like them are… pretending.

2- She failed. And then succeeded… sort of. She quit for about six days and then started again, tacking another six days to the end.

3- I kind of want to do this and I kind of don’t.

Solution: I decided to commit to a MINIMUM of 10 burpees a day for 30 days and not tell anybody. That way, I could do more if I wanted to, or just do the bare minimum and still

feel accomplished.

Let me give some backstory here. At the time of writing this, I’m 45 years old and n pretty good shape. I don’t have a workout routine, but I do something about 3 times a week at least. So I might hit the hotel gym if I’m away at work, or I might go for a long run at home (5-10 miles usually). So doing 10 burpees wouldn’t be the end of the world. I knew I could pull it off most likely even on the worst day. But to do it consistently would be the real


So, bringing it back home, here I am at the Courtyard Marriott, only 30 minutes to get

showered, out the door, and off to perform for my client. Not much time for anything else, even though 10 burpees shouldn’t take that long. But, like many people, those voices start kicking in. “Hey, you can do it later.” “Make up the 10 tomorrow. You’ll have more time then. 20 shouldn’t be a big deal then.” And while all that noise is going on, I’m logging onto and pushing PLAY! Too late, Voices… time for burpees! Check the box. Another victory. Thanks Murph! This really is the best workout music and I'm so happy that it's FREE! I really appreciate the fact that this service for Free Fitness workout Music exists. I am even more excited about their new Radio App coming out. This online music and radio streaming site is THE BEST! I love to exercise to it everyday! It’s really helping me get into the mood and improve my fitness.

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