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Online Fit Radio Broadcaster Offers Free App During Fitness Model Contest

Internet Broadcaster Aims to Share and Grow Audience

Los Angeles, CA

Sept. 3, 2020

Workout fanatics with visions of becoming a professional fitness model may have struck gold this month.  Internet radio conglomerate, Murph Workout Radio, officially announced their Fitness Model Contest for the month of September 2020.  The contest is COVID-safe, as it is conducted entirely online and no human interaction is necessary.

Amateur fit fanatics who are looking to get noticed and build their brand are encouraged to participate.  Admission to the contest is free and relatively unrestricted.  Only minors, Murph Workout Radio employees and their family members are ineligible.  The online contest is worldwide, as Murph reports having listeners in 70 countries around the globe.

Company Founder, Brad “Murph” Murphree, describes the contest as a revolutionary twist on the traditional model contest.  “We are really just looking for people that have that certain energy that bursts right out of them.  We need photos for our website and social media stuff that we do, and the stock images available online just don’t cut it.  Our listeners are not PhotoShopped.  They sweat.  They have scars.  Some are missing a few parts, and they shift it into Gear 6 anyway.  We want to see those faces and those smiles when they get down and dirty.”

No stranger to working out himself, Murphree is a former Army Officer and avid fitness enthusiast.  The hub of live online radio streams available on the website and Murph Workout Radio apps were born from mixed CDs he used to make for outdoor workouts with his friends.  The popular mix of song selections combined with inspiring film clips or motivational quotes were very popular among the participants.  After a few years of being asked for copies of his music, Murph Workout Radio was founded in December of 2019.  Now everyone can listen 24/7 to multiple streaming channels of motivational fit radio.

The contest will take place exclusively on Instagram and FaceBook.  Those interested in competing need only to post their fitness photo, tag @MurphWorkoutRadio in the picture and follow them on either platform.  Murph Workout Radio will be looking for winners in the following categories each week during the month of September 2020:

•         Best Smile

•         Best Photo with a Kettle Bell

•         Most Creative

•         Most Intense Workout

•         Best Overall Murph Spirit

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, Sept 27th.  Winners will be selected weekly and announced on MurphWorkoutRadio.com every Wednesday until Sept 30th.  Grand Prize winner will be announced Sept 30th, 2020.

The number of weekly winners will vary depending on the number of entries and eligibility of submissions. Judging will be based on overall photo quality, overall fit within any of the 5 contest categories, and overall feel from the photo. (Does it project the positive, motivating, or inspirational Murph vibe?)

Website details encourage contestants to wear headphones or otherwise appear to be listening to Murph Workout Radio in their photo submissions.  It is also noted that added consideration would go towards those who have a high number of Likes or Comments on their photo. However, Murphree insists that it is not a social media popularity contest.

Full prize details are available on the website at www.murphworkoutradio.com.  Murph insists that the real prize is in sharing audience together and growing each other as a brand.  “There are a ton of people out there who might not fit in the box of being America’s Next Top Model, but they bring that extra special something to the table anyway.  They have friends and followers who don’t know our special blend of motivational workout music.  We have an audience that’s spans 70 countries who have never probably seen their faces.  We’re looking for men and women with great attitudes and a fun spirit who love to exercise, so we can both grow together.”  Murph also jokes, “And if they happen to be attractive, well that’s ok too.”

New listeners interested exploring the motivational fitness music mixes created by Murph Workout Radio can soon download the Apple app for free in the app store.  The free version release is currently under review by Apple and will likely launch during the Labor Day weekend.  Listeners can always hear a selection of the motivational fit radio streams for free at https://www.MurphWorkoutRadio.com.  Other questions can be answered by reaching out to Murph@MurphWorkoutRadio.com.

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The Formula Is Simple!


It’s a simple equation.

Take the best music from the most popular artists you know and love.

Add in motivational quotes from the top motivational speakers on the planet.

Complete the combo by doing your favorite exercise or workout activity while you listen live.

This is Murph Workout Radio…. The magic formula to transform your life!


·       Live Workout Radio features multiple choices of music style or theme.

·       Custom pre-set fitness playlists allow you to enjoy your exercise music “Off the Grid”.

·       Motivational fitness music is hand-crafted by DJ’s who work out just like you.

·       Scientifically proven to reduce fatigue and improve overall performance.


Does your gym music suck?  Are you trying to fit radio into your workout routine but the music just doesn’t keep the right tempo for you?  Your training partner, Murph, is here to help!  If you want the best gym radio, then songs alone won’t cut it by themselves.  You’ve got to infuse your hit music with the best motivational quotes to pour some inspirational gasoline on your inner fitness fire!

Murph Workout radio offers a wide selection of commercial-free listening as well specialized channels available exclusively to app subscribers on both Apple App Store and Google Play. 

All your favorite music is here from the genres you love: Rock, Pop, Dance, EDM, Latin, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and more!  Theme based channels capture your activity or mood like: Running, Yoga, Good Vibes, Girl Power, and many more.

The Murph Workout Radio app has even more features, including an Off The Grid mode that allows you to listen to hours of the best motivational workout music without the need for a cell or wifi signal!  Perfect for all your fitness activities, whether you’re in the gym or outside:

-          Running

-          Jogging

-          HIIT

-          Interval training

-          Sprints

-          Strength Training

-          Zumba

-          Dance

-          Cycling

-          Aerobics

-          Cardio

-          Crossfit

-          Boxing

-          Kickboxing

-          MMA

-          Military calisthenics

-          Weight lifting

-          Jump rope

-          Martial Arts

-          Skiing

-          Kayaking

-          Hiking

-          Trail Running

-          Body Weight exercise

-          Parkour

-          Free Running

-          Skateboarding

-          Or even just sitting in your chair.  (Although we recommend some tricep dips while you’re there.)

We are constantly adding new content as well as one-of-a-kind original motivational music mixes just for you.  If you’ve hit a plateau in your routine or you’re sick of a bad song coming on, just when you are maxing out your power reps, then Murph Workout Radio is here for you.  The best fitness music! The best fitness motivation!  All the exercise music you could ever hope for!  Hours and hours of content on every live music radio stream, makes sure you’re not hearing the same song on repeat, over and over again!  What more could you want?  Read to shift into gear 6?  Push the button… let’s go!